Don't let your workplace fall prey to a culture of bullying that will cost you finanically, devastate morale and damage your ability to recruit top achievers.


Is your workplace at risk of turning into a Bullying Culture? You might be surprised...

Whether you're a victim, overwhelmed bystandard or CEO, manager or leader at a workplace dealing with workplace bullying the cosequences can be devastating.

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The "Undeclared War at Work" can devastate and traumatize employers and employees while negatively impacting your bottom line.

The Biggest Myth of Workplace Bullying Is....

Bullying is not an interpersonal conflict issue alone. It's also an issue with the culture and its leadership and the legal, financial and reputational risk to NOT addressing it is now is enormous.

With experience in social work, organizational practice, academics & advocacy, Dr. Jan Kircher is one of the foremost experts in the world on bullying cultures & workplace aggression. Her resarch and results-focus and approach focuses on transforming toxic work environments through Organizational & Individual Resilence.